A Rainy Metro Ride And Creative Block.

I know, it’s been a while.

To be honest, I’ve been in one of those creative dips that hit occasionally.

Sometimes I’ve got out of them by forcing myself out to take photos but for some reason this time I knew that wouldn’t work. Besides, there’s been loads going on at home and at work so actually having the time to get out and find some pictures just hasn’t happened.

So that’s the excuses out of the way. Here’s how some photos I didn’t expect to make unexpectedly got me feeling creative again.

I was getting the Metro into Newcastle for work. It was a miserable morning – steady rain since before dawn.

It was what I call ‘a black and white day’ – the light was flat, not much colour. Good conditions for mono photos.

At the first stop, I took a picture through the carriage window. I didn’t set the focus, just let the camera decide.

West Monkseaton.

The camera focused on the rain on the carriage window, blurring the scene behind.

I liked it, but the composition wasn’t great. Try again at the next station.

‘This is Northumberland Park.‘

And the next station.


And the next.


I fell into a pattern. Same angle out of the window, whatever was in view when the train came to a stop: take a shot.

Four Lane Ends.

I’ll admit not all of these work; but that isn’t really the point. The point is I was back taking photos again. I’ve deliberately shared all of them to show that not everything works. But if you don’t try, how will you ever know?

South Gosforth.

Shy bairns get nowt.

Ilford Road.

As my commute continued, I realised I’d unwittingly set myself a challenge: take a photo in the same way at each stop on a train journey.

West Jesmond.

I’d managed to start feeling creative again.

Somehow I’d removed whatever was blocking my need to take pictures by finding a solution myself without really thinking about it.

I’m not sure I’m really explaining this very well, so have a look at Jamie Windsor’s short film on YouTube about How To Beat Creative Block as he does it so much better.

The next stop was Jesmond.


By the time I took this one, I reckoned I was on to something.

Penultimate stop: Haymarket. By this time the tunnel and the wind had smeared the rain across the window: Olly Murs transformed into ‘Shining’-era Jack Nicholson.


The next station was Monument. Time to get off.

So if you’re worried about creative block, I hope this helps. Don’t give up.

Inspiration can strike in the unlikeliest of places.

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Metro Ride And Creative Block.

  1. I honestly think these are quite nice photos Simon as you found a rhythm in them and continued. Sometimes, just like you said, that is all you need to keep photographing/keep yourself in the creative mode.

    I have certainly done that by just posting something photography-related weekly on my blog to keep me in the creative loop. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and that is ok.

    Following your blog so I am notified when you share something.

    Liked by 1 person

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