The best camera is the one you have with you.

When things aren’t going well creatively, it’s easy to blame your kit.

If only I had a better lens…’
‘Maybe I should buy a drone…’

Last month I stumbled across a blog on Fstoppers which made me rethink all my worries about  new camera equipment.

It turns out regardless of whatever equipment I’m using, smartphone or DSLR, its technical capabilities far outstrips that of all of the pioneers of modern film photography.

But as I’ve said before, the myth of the camera being the solution is so easy to fall for. Even for photographers. Especially photographers who are planning a holiday.

Summer months see photography forums flooded with questions about what gear to pack, the ‘right’ lens to take. And I’ve got to admit, I’ve fallen for this in the past. I once spent a small fortune on what’s often referred to as a ‘walkaround’ lens – a zoom lens with a massive focal range to suit every photographic opportunity from extreme close-up to landscapes. The photos I took with it were dreadful. The money would have been better spent on a few nice meals out instead. (The lens was dusted off and sold a few years ago.)


On a trip to Hong Kong, I lugged a camera bag around in high humidity for a day’s photography. It was sweaty, unpleasant and exhausting and the shots I took were useless. So the next day I locked my camera in the room safe and took my phone.

The Ladies Market, Kowloon. (taken with a smartphone)


So next week I’m off on my holidays. What camera am I taking?

My hand luggage allowance is tiny (never, ever stow your camera in the hold, by the way – have you seen the way they throw your bags around?) so I’d only be able to take one lens.

And a couple of memory cards.

A spare battery and a charger.

So I’ve made up my mind:

I’m not taking a camera.

I’m taking my phone.









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