Let it come down.

Hareshaw Linn, a Northumberland waterfall.


This is one of Northumberland’s most impressive waterfalls and it’s also one of its most accessible.

I’ve been many times before, but don’t always take a camera – landcape photography can be very anti-social sometimes – but as it was my birthday, I thought I’d treat myself.


a close-up of Hareshaw Linn waterfall, near Bellingham, Northumberland


conflation of Old English hlynn,

a close-up of the plunge pool beneath hareshaw linn waterfall, near Bellingham, Northumberland


meaning ‘torrent’, and Scots Gaelic linne

a close up of water cascading down the falls at Hareshaw Linn waterfall, near Bellingham, Northumberland.

cognate with Irish linn, Welsh: llyn


a landscape photo of the cascades at Hareshaw Linn, near Bellingham, Northumberland. A long shutter exposure transforms the flow into milk
Let it come down.


A linn is a waterfall.

Or it might be a raging torrent;

a deep pool at the foot of a waterfall or a steep ravine,


Hareshaw Linn has all of these things.

What it means is down to you.



Equipment used:
‘Let it come down.’ –  Canon 7D, Sigma f/4-5.6 10-20mm; Hi-Tech Formatt 6 Pro Stop ND filter; tripod.
‘falls’, ‘spill’ and ‘combine’ – Canon 7D, Canon EF F/4 70-200mm L USM; Lee 0.9 (2 stops) ND filter; handheld.
Shot as raw image files, processed in Adobe Lightroom Photoshop CC.

All images © Simon Lowe Photography – all rights reserved.





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